BullGuard Premium Protection Review

BullGuard Premium Protection Review  – Best All in One Security Suite

In this BullGuard Premium Protection review, we you will learn more about one of the best all-in-one security suite, designed to protect user’s against malware, Trojan horses, viruses.

What is BullGuard Premium Protection?

Launched up in 2004, BullGuard is a globally renowned internet security software that strives to find solutions against malware, viruses and phishing attacks to let customers have a safe and sound internet experience. For many years, it has struggled to remain one step ahead of criminals and has designed a vast line of security software’s and applications that shield user’s devices from external threats and run automatic scans every four hours to investigate any suspicious malware activity.

BullGuard’s latest design, the BullGuard Premium Protection Software, is a complete, simple to use security suite, designed to protect user’s against malware, Trojan horses, viruses and other forms of computer criminal activities. It includes all core software security modules such as firewall, spamfilter, spyware, safe browsing and parental control to secure user confidential data and identity while they are either connecting to a social network, sending and receiving emails or performing online banking. As compared to other software programs, BullGuard Premium Protection Software has gained positive results for lab experiments by AV-Test and V8 100, and received positive critics from renowned magazines such as PC Utilities, PCMAG etc.

An In-depth BullGuard Premium Protection Review

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Pros & Cons


  • Identity protection: The software scans for the usernames, email addresses and private information, the user has fed into it and takes measures to prevent confidential data from leaking online.
  • Parental Control: With the help of this feature, parents can keep a check on their children’s online activity by blocking access to suspicious website, keeping a time check on the internet and storing a history of their internet activity.
  • Safe Browsing: The software blocks dangerous websites that may spread viruses or worms in a user’s device, and run an automatic scan after every 4 hours to check for any suspicious malware activity.


  • Automatic scanning takes a long time and slows down the internet.
  • Lack of single PC subscription offer.

Why We Need BullGuard Premium Protection?

The BullGuard Premium Protection Software has received positive grades from lab experiments hosted by AV Test and V8 100, and has won numerous awards for its superior technology and internet security features such as Product Of the Year Award, Best Buy award etc. It’s innovative methods of illuminating malicious activity within the internet and taking measures to remove it, has been praised by PC Utilities, PCMag, and Best Buy Award etc.

PC Utilities has claimed that: “Overall BullGuard is quite impressive. We like the clean interface and it’s a comprehensive offering without being loaded with features you’ll never use. It’s competitively priced against the competition too and, crucially, scores well in independent tests.

The software was also included in the Top Ten Reviews of Gold Award 2013 and Excellence Award 2013 respectively. Moreover, the software consists of advanced features such as Identity Protection, Parental Control, firewall, spamfilter which secure user data and shield it from viruses, phishing attacks and Trojan viruses so they may have a safer experience on the internet without any disturbances.

Check how protect your only identity with BullGuard Premium Protection:

Installation and Setup

  • The user must download the product by going on the company’s website.
  • They must run the download installer and follow the instructions arriving on their screen.
  • The user must register with the software by setting up an account with an email address and a password, or they must log in from the starting page.
  • When the main interface opens, the user must press the red Status button and then press the Restart button from the Firewall section.

Security Performance

The BullGuard Premium Protection software was tested in 2013 by ITPortal. The company noticed how BullGuard Premium Protection used the same Antivirus engine as BullGuard Internet Security did, and was able to search 860,790 files in an hour and a minute, giving a scan rate of 232 files per second. This was a faster scan than of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013. When the test was repeated, the software merely scanned 5, 495 files in 19 scans which acknowledges its’ intelligence. Once the software scanned the previous files, it did not rescan them unnecessarily. Furthermore, the Usability was given a score of 5/6, and the protection tests revealed perfect detection performance of antiviruses and hidden malware activity.



Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP2 minimum
  • 200 MB free hard-disk space
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 6 minimum

Ease of Use

BullGuard Premium Protection review

By starting the computer, the software immediately launches and performs a quick scan of the system automatically, which takes a maximum amount of one to three minutes depending on the number of files and programs installed in the system.

Once the scan has finished, BullGuard displays the central dashboard which is an elegant, organized user interface with seven tiles laid out horizontally that are suitable for both mouse and touchscreen users. The tiles are labeled as Antivirus, Firewall, Backup, Vulnerabilities, Spamfilter, PC tune up and Parental Control. On the top-right hand side of the screen are the options Update and Settings.

By clicking on any of the tiles, the applications will launch and commence running immediately. Each tile also consists of a drop down list, which enables customers to select options or run settings. Hence, it is really easy to use this software without any complications.

Help and Support

Users can contact BullGuard in case of any problems and inquiries at this email address: “support@bullguard.com”. Customers may also connect with BullGuard technicians to receive advice about certain issues by either connecting through live chat or visiting the web page: “http://www.bullguard.com/support.aspx

How to Buy and Make Payments?

  • In order to purchase the BullGuard Premium Protection Product, the user must visit the website: “https://www.bullguard.com/shop”, where they must select the product to purchase it.
  • They must choose a subscription length (the number of years of a product) and then select
  • The user proceeds to the User Information page where they fill in all of their personal details such as Name, Email Address, Contact information etc. When this is done, they must select Continue.
  • The user proceeds to the Checkout page where they must fill in credit card details and select a method of payment in order to pay for the product. When these details are filled, they must select Complete and the package is secured and sent to the customer after two or three weeks, depending on the user’s location.

BullGuard Premium Protection Review – Final Thought

Overall, BullGuard Premium Protection is an exclusive all-in-one security suite available for users who wish to secure protection on their devices as well as online safety. It is a reliable solution against all sorts of malicious activity and allows users to explore the internet without any troubles or disturbances. Because of its’ swift performance, high-quality technology and competitive price, it’s a must have for office and home users.

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