BullGuard Mobile Security Review

In this BullGuard Mobile Security review, we are going to look at what this security software for your smartphone is all about and its key features.

What is BullGuard Mobile Security?

Bullguard Mobile Security is a distinguished new anti-malware that delivers amazing results in terms of a mobile device’s protection. Using this software ensures identity, passwords and email protection along with vigorous anti-virus enactment. Bullguard Mobile Security is easy to use and takes less space, which makes it very mobile friendly, as it automatically updates itself if an internet connection is available. Using this security solution also means a safe escape from the daily spams of unwanted phone calls or messages. So, if an unentertained number keeps bothering, the potential user can activate this software and find solace.

An Overview of BullGuard Mobile Security

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  • Help and Support
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Pros & Cons


  • Complete virtual protection determining safe browsing over the internet.
  • All the data is stored and backed up.
  • Offers thorough advantage and access to all users. In case the phone is misplaced, it can be easily tracked; if it is stolen, the GPS points out the exact location and removes files.
  • Blocks all sorts of unwanted calls and or messages.


  • A separate account has to be made for the mobile even if it is being used on the PC, causing a hindrance and a financial constraint.
  • Once the software is installed, it overtakes the phone administration and infiltrates inside the device. Potential users may find it difficult to uninstall it.

Why We Need It?

Mobile phones are a necessity in today’s world. Most individuals keep valuable information on their mobile devices which makes it very susceptible to danger and theft. Thus, it is of utmost importance to keep the phone protected and have fully functional anti-malware software on it. Bullguard Mobile Security ensures the safety of any type of data available on the mobile phones, making it crucial to install this software.

  • Installation and Setup

Installing Bullguard Mobile Security is an uncomplicated process. Firstly, the user has to make sure that other such software has been removed. The potential users need to visit the website first and create an account. Once the software is bought, the user can download it onto the mobile where it can run smoothly. Every user must setup a Bullguard Account to use the product effectively.

  • Security Performance

Bullguard Mobile Security is really proficient at catching all viruses and keeping the mobile device protected. It ensures that the phone battery does not run out too soon whilst taking little space on the mobile device. This software has shown excellent performance over time thus it is extremely efficient at maintaining safety.

  • Compatibility

Bullguard Mobile Security is currently just an application for Android phones (2.3, 4.0 and higher). However, the software will be expanded for other interfaces depending on user reviews.

  • Ease of Use

BullGuard mobile security reviewThe software offers a user-friendly system which can be monitored as per the user’s preferences. It is even equipped with a parental control option which can offer parents to be discrete while looking at their children’s virtual movements.

  • Help and Support

The software offers instant assistance to all their customers. Bullguard’s customer representatives can be contacted through web chat or email for any sort of problem that might be faced. Bullguard Mobile Security offers a relentless staff which is easy to help and make the process extremely smooth.

How to Buy and Make Payments?

In order to buy the software users need to visit “http://www.bullguard.com/products/bullguard-android-mobile-security.aspx”. From here they can click on the buy now tab which will inquire about the sort of subscription wanted. The package offers varying lengths of backup data availability along with the duration of subscription. A 2-year package will be $12 more expensive. By entering particular details and following simple instructions this software can be easily purchased.

BullGuard Mobile Security Review – Conclusion

With a space utilization of only 5.9 MB, Bullguard Mobile Security is one of the most reliable anti-software systems. It completely shades the device away from any impending dangers and offers the users a wide range of features to apply. Be it parental control or file backing up, Bullguard Mobile Security will do a brilliant job.

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BullGuard Mobile Security

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(BullGuard Mobile Security Review)