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A Quick BullGuard Mobile Security Review

Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile Security coupon

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BullGuard’s latest product extends its’ anti-virus security and theft protection for mobile phones, allowing users to perform any act on their phones, such as exploring the internet, entering new contacts or send and receive text messages with their data remaining secure. With the risk of viruses, phishing attacks and unauthorized access which could permanently damage a user’s device, this premium software consists of real-time detection which protects mobile phones from viruses and harmful programs.

The software runs automatic anti-virus scans on mobile phones to detect malware and users can establish a schedule to scan malware activity. Moreover, the BullGuard Mobile Security application consists of features such as a firewall which set barriers around devices to prevent anti-viruses and other malware, spam filter for blocking spam websites and parental control to monitor virtual activities of children.

Key Features of BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile security software comes with a range of outstanding features, the details of some are as follows:

  • Mobile Antivirus: This feature shields user device against malware, phishing attacks, unauthorized access, etc. It consists of a cloud based AV engine that ensures the software receives the latest virus updates, and an automatic scan checks applications as soon as they are installed and notifies the user in case of any malware detected.
  • Antitheft: In case the device is stolen, the device consists of remote lock and unlock of device, GPS locate, remote data wipe and a Scream function to help locate a device. The device immediately shuts down in case the hacker tries to remove the SIM.
  • Mobile Backup: This feature safeguards user’s important data such as messages, contacts, notes, etc. It provides a secure online drive with a 100GB capacity to store a large amount of data.
  • Call Manager Tool: This feature can be used to automatically block or allow specific numbers and text messages. A short code block prevents spam messages which are sent from 3 to 5 digit phone numbers. The Blacklist allows you to add phone numbers manually or directly from your call history or contacts lists.

How to Buy and Install BullGuard Mobile Security?

  1. Purchase the product:
  • In order to purchase the BullGuard Mobile Security Product, the user must visit the website: “https://www.bullguard.com/shop”, where they must select the product to purchase it.
  • They must choose a subscription length (the number of years of a product) and then select Continue.
  • The user proceeds to the User Information page where they fill in all of their personal details such as Name, Email Address, Contact information etc. When this is done, they must select Continue.
  • The user proceeds to the Checkout page where they must fill in credit card details and select a method of payment in order to pay for the product. When these details are filled, they must select Complete and the package is secured and sent to the customer after two or three weeks, depending on the user’s location.
  1. Download the product:
  • The user must go to their Internet Browser and go to the webpage “bullguard.com/downloadmobilesecurity” and click on the Download button to install the product.
  • In case this step fails, the user must select their mobile operating system by clicking on the Choose OS button. Once they selected the appropriate application, they must tap on the Download button.
  • Once the installer has been downloaded to the user’s device, they must install and register the Mobile Security application. Details of the specific operating system to download the product are below:
  1. Android: (for Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3)
  2. Blackberry: (for Blackberry 4.2 and higher)
  3. Symbian: (Symbian Series 60 3rd and 5th edition – version 9.2 and higher)
  4. Windows Mobile: (Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5)

Why Should I Choose it Over the Rest?

In today’s world, it’s risky to have a smart phone without any proper protection. Whether a customer may use his phone for online shopping and banking, saving contacts, send and receive text messages, there is always a risky danger of hackers and virus attacks that may corrupt the user’s personal data, leaving the device vulnerable to such attacks.

With the help of the BullGuard Mobile Security application, it offers premium mobile protection to shield devices against external threats and phishing attacks. The application consists of features such as Antivirus to protect phone data by real time detection to prevent viruses and other malware. It consists of Spamfilter which blocks unnecessary calls and messages to keep the device clean. The product also offers basic data backup of data, so users can store a large amount of data and media on their phones and restore them in case the device is lost or misused.

Moreover, BullGuard Mobile Security software was tested by company’s, such as Compared and Reviewed, PC Advisor which have given the software positive ratings and claimed it as the state-of-the art eccentric design. BullGuard is also the receiver of awards such as Product of the Year, Best Buy, and was given certifications by AV-Test and V8 100.

All things considered, the latest BullGuard Mobile Security software is the latest state-of-the-art design which shields users from external threats and unauthorized access so customers may have a safer internet experience without any troubles or threats. This premium technology is a must buy for users, who wish to provide protection on their devices at office or home. Please read BullGuard Mobile Security review for more information.

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