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BullGuard Coupon Code

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What is BullGuard?

BullGuard is the mobile security company established in 2002 and since then it has been providing the best antivirus software programs. The company has achieved great name after its launch because of the quality products it provides. It is the fast growing company that is fulfilling the security needs of countless systems all over the world.

What Are They Selling at BullGuard.com?

The specialty of the BullGuard is there wide range of security solutions. They are busy in making the top and up to dated technology to fight all the viruses, malware, frauds, Trojan etc that can harm your PC in any way. They provide the top safeguarding solution. Not only for PCs, but BullGuard is also making security software for mobile phones so you can stay safe, no matter which device you use. Check what ‘s new in BullGuard 2018 Edition:

Best BullGuard Products 2018:

The top-rated products from the BullGuard.com are:

BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard Antivirus is the impenetrable protection system with multiple layers. This software has the best malware catch rates and diverse test labs have proven it. It is a very easy to use program that can be easily installed. It is the anti spyware with innovative Behavioral detection that allows the program to identify new threats. The spam filter of the program is customizable. It never slows your PC down so you can work with ease. Check our BullGuard Antivirus review for more information.

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BullGuard Internet Security

BullGuard Inter Security is designed by BullGuard to provide protection against all the online threats that could harm your PC. The technology has won the award for the best performance. It has the superior virus catch rates with multiple protection layers. This software offers free 5GB advanced backup so you can keep your important data like music, photos etc safe. It also allows powerful Parental Control. Check our BullGuard Internet Security review for more information.

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BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection is a complete security suite that protects you in every possible way from the viruses, malware, financial fraud, online data leaks, and identity theft and gives full parental control. It allows you to select the details you want to protect. This security suite provides the backup space of 25GB and keeps all your important data save. When you go for BullGuard Premium Protection, you get free upgrades for new version, Free PC Tune ups with free customer support that is offered 24/7.

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BullGuard Mobile Security

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BullGuard Mobile Security is the software created to protect your mobile devices. It keeps your data protected even when the phone is lost or stolen with its back up feature. This mobile security can restore your data at the time of need. It also has strong anti-theft and antivirus protection. New update version gives powerful parental control with the power to block calls and messages. It works with all these features without draining the battery. It has a simple design that is quite easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Antivirus – Prevents devices from being corrupted by viruses, phishing attacks, Trojan horses and updates the latest security status from the cloud scanner.
  • Antitheft – This feature locks, locates and wipes data in case the user’s device is lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized access.
  • SIM protection – Automatically locks the device if the SIM is removed to prevent hackers from having unauthorized access.
  • Call Manager – Blocks unwanted contacts and spam messages for the user.

Please check our BullGuard Mobile Security review for more information!

 BullGuard Identity Protection

BullGuard Identity Protection is the effective way to keep your personal and financial information safe and to monitor what your kids do on computer when you are away. It notifies with the activity instantly through email or SMS so you can take immediate action. It is compatible with all the devices and operating systems.

Why Should I Choose BullGuard Antivirus?

In this technology era, it has become highly essential to select the best security software as every now and then new viruses are ready to harm your system. BullGuard is recognized as the top brand of internet and mobile security. The company portfolio includes diverse range of products; an award-winning antivirus, web-based identity, social media protection and a premium 24/7 protection suite. These products are best for all kinds of devices.

There are many reasons to opt BullGuard:

  • Easy Download: The software is easily available online and offered at very reasonable rates.
  • Ease of Use: All the security programs offered by BullGuard are very easy to use. Once installed, the software protects your PC on its own and you need to do nothing.
  • Up-To-Date Technology: With the offered products, you can stay relax because you are protected 24×7. The advance technology provided by the BullGuard keep you protected all the time.
  • Diverse Products: When you are at BullGuard, you are getting diverse options to pay for only what you need. The company is offering great range of products so you can select the most appropriate one.

Which BullGuard Software is Right for You?

BullGuard’s latest software “BullGuard Premium Protection” is an exclusive simple to use security suite, and is designed to shield users from malware, identity theft, and phishing attacks to keep their devices safe and secure from unauthorized access. The software consists of outstanding features such as identity protection, Behavior Detection Parental Control, Spamfilter, Firewall, etc. The suite can be downloaded for the security of multiple computers and supports Windows & Mac operating systems. Hence, we recommend this software for protecting your devices from malware.

An In-depth Review of BullGuard.com

BullGuard.com siteFounded by Morten Lund, BullGuard was launched in 2002 and has quickly developed to become one of the most successful internet and mobile security brands in the anti-virus industry. Its premium technical excellence, industry led practice and authentic understanding of consumer needs has succeeded in developing simple, easy-to-use products that enhance user identity protection and protect internet devices from viruses and phishing attacks, so users can surf the internet for long hours without any disturbances or problems.

BullGuard’s latest design, the Bullguard Internet Security, is an exclusive 24/7 protection suite, and identity protection and antivirus scanner that can be branched out on many devices such as Mac, Android, PC etc. All of BullGuard’s security solutions have received certifications from ICSA labs, which tests and retests products to ensure they meet customer standards, and all of these experiments have claimed positive results for their antivirus/malware detection, safe-file filtering, firewall and web-protection tools that prove it to be an outstanding security package.

  • Website Layout

BullGuard’s official website has a simple design that includes tabs to give easy access to clients. Information about products can be seen by clicking on the products tab and selecting a suitable product from the drop down menu. In case a customer needs to contact customer support, he can click on the support tab on the web-page and get help immediately.

  • Shopping Processing

The company is famous for processing the purchasing order quickly, however, the order processing may take some time in case the payment is made through cheques or bank transfers.

  • Customer Support

If the user is facing any problems or errors regarding the software, they can proceed to the page “http://www.bullguard.com/support.aspx”, where they can connect with technicians, who shall inquire them about their issue. Furthermore, customers can get in touch with the company through email, contact number, or online web chat.

BullGuard offers advanced security solutions which offer a significantly improved degree of control and operation. The software programs provide user’s online protection from hackers, viruses and other malware activity with an advanced and powerful cloud security solution, to keep their data secure, despite where they are or which device they use. The suite has more advanced features and has a faster scanner to detect any threats or viruses among devices.

Finally, if you are looking for the top-security solution then BullGuard is surely one good option for you. For more than 10 years, the company is providing nothing but best.

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Save Up to 70% Off on BullGuard Products.
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